eric setz
about my work



My work is based on two principles. Change and technique. You can see change in the big differences in my work. Technique is with what I connect.

Recognizable repetition in works of art is a passed station tot me. That has been and has been done for so long. Too often to satisfy spectators.

However, letting go recognizable handwriting is no excuse for doing what you like. More is needed to do a good painting job.

Over time, I investigate in all kinds of ways how I can express meaning and form in paint. In this way I gradually develop my own arsenal of techniques and methods.

That arsenal, my own library, is the backbone of my work. A spine with which I can always express change and technique into new combinations on a solid foundation.

An example of a technique that I investigate in different ways is the flat line. The image on this page is an example of this.

The serie works in the simplicity of cynicism can be seen as an example of the research in shaping meaning.

As you see more of my work, you will increasingly recognize my research into form and meaning.